The Signs of a Cheating Partner

Cheating takes place every hour of every day and unfortunately, we are all likely to be cheated on. Factors that help are the convenience of meeting new people online and the general ease of accommodating yourself with so many hotels and other available spaces.

Having your suspicions often feels like you’re in the wrong but listed below are the common signs of a cheating partner to help you come to more of a solid conclusion that your partner is likely to be cheating.

So What Are The Signs Your Partner Is Cheating?

Their Phone

A huge tell is how your cheating partner is with their phone. Nowadays for most of us our phones are extensions of ourselves so it’s one of the first signs that is noticed.

Did you know their passcode but it has now been changed?

Do they face away from you whilst scrolling during the day?

Is their phone placed face down during the night?

Is it always on silent and not even set to vibrate?


When were out to impress we always try to show the best versions of ourselves so it is quite often at the start of a new relationship our grooming habits are taken care of more than a long term relationship.

All grooming habits need to be considered such as manscaping or care of their bikini line…

The Gym

Similar to work this is often a heavily used excuse to nip out for an hour or two that enables a cheating partner to not have to answer their phone as they were on the treadmill…

It is not just an excuse to be wary of though as with grooming we like to be show the best versions of ourselves and a sudden interest in the gym after years of laziness is a big sign to look out for.


A huge in shift in their style in recent weeks? New clothes that you haven’t noticed or seen before in their wardrobe can be a very discreet sign that they are in a new relationship.

Sometimes clothes being kept in the car all of a sudden can be a sign too.


A drop in the amount of sex you are having with your partner can be big tell just as much as an increase in bedroom fun can be.

New tricks in the bedroom also offer a sign something is different. Where has this been mentioned to them…


Usually arguments are brought on as their desire is to be elsewhere and they want an excuse to go.

It is often an aid for them to break your relationship down enabling them to not feel as much guilt of their cheating and attempt to pass blame to you as your arguments pushed them to their new partner.


For a lot of people, we are friends with our partners friends but their loyalty will usually lie with your partner, THEIR friend.

Guilt of knowing secrets can force distance between you and friends who know of the affair so that they are not brought into the messy arguments that frequently follow on a break up.

If people you thought were your friends suddenly stop seeing you as much or avoid you it could be something is going on behind your back.


Unexplained spending or money being transferred around your joint accounts into private accounts can be to fund the affair.

Similarly, no spending at all, not even the normal spending can be cause for suspicion. Lack of receipts in order to hide the paper trail happens all too often.


Is your cheating partner questioning you around cheating? 

It’s not all pillow talk…

What would you do if I cheated?

Do you think this would count as cheating?

This can be a big thing to spot as it may be used to gauge your reactions around an affair and how you may react. It also shows it is something they have on their minds.


Your partner begins taking a very keen interest in your plans. Asking where you will be at specific times in the day or week so that they can plan ahead for their affair.

Sometimes a cheating partner may even track your movements so that you can’t catch them unawares. Have they requested to link phone locations so they can keep tabs on you perhaps.

Social Media

In younger generations this is more noticeable however is your partner now liking and commenting on someone else’s posts a lot more. Is their profile now receiving more attention from someone in particular or have they had a recent increase in the number of new friends or followers?

With a new relationship often comes new friends as they are introduced to new people and we all love Facebook stalking.


This is often the most used excuse to cover their absence from you.

Are they working earlier or later more often?

Has working away suddenly become a frequent occurrence?


Our senses are highly tuned and we notice far more than we give ourselves credit to.

This is sometimes all that it can be.

A feeling.

Wrenching in your stomach that something is going on all the time and you are convinced your partner is cheating

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