Cheating Wife or Girlfriend?

Do You Suspect Your Wife Or Girlfriend Is Cheating?

Women are just as guilty of cheating on their spouse as men.
Our records indicate that it is a complete 50/50 split in cases between women cheating and men.

There are many reasons why women may be cheating but with so many websites on offer to facilitate an affair now, convenience is rife.

How Can We Help?

We are experts in catching a cheating wife or girlfriend and have done so on hundreds of cases now.

We have learnt all the tricks women use to cheat and have an affair.

During your first contact with us we will listen and hear out the entire story and then generate a plan of action to move forward with.


We can perform discreet surveillance to provide you with video evidence of the affair that is undeniable when presented to them.

In a nutshell what our surveillance service does is follow your cheating wife or girlfriend and record everything that happens during that time.

We have caught all sorts happening in car parks and secret meetings in hotels!

All whilst keeping you updated along the way.

Once the surveillance is over, we will produce and easy to read report with pictures and an edited video of what happened showing everything in context.

Vehicle Tracking

Our vehicle trackers are state of the art and not cheap off the shelf temperamental pieces of equipment.

They show a vehicle’s location with pin point accuracy on your smart phone or desk top using Google Maps.

You don’t need to lift a finger. We come out and discreetly fit and remove the device and all you need to is monitor its location.

It is completely legal and we will advise if your situation does not allow the use of a vehicle tracker.

Hidden Devices

We can target an area if you know where an affair is happening.

Our cameras are viewable remotely via an app on your smartphone and will be completely hidden in plain sight. This can be a very cost-effective method over manned surveillance.

Similarly, to a Vehicle Tracker we will come out and place the device and you don’t need to do anything.

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We can get the evidence you need ca.. us on 01332 498073.

Why Choose Us?

We at Delta 74 Private Investigations have been perfecting our techniques in catching a cheating husband or boyfriend for years now and we know what works.

Our surveillance teams are all equipped with the best technology and training ready to go to work for you.

Transparency and honesty are our main values and have been from the start.
Rated as a Three Best Rated Business and members of various private investigator associations we have the knowledge and network available to help you.

Hiring Delta 74 Private Investigations and the Cost


Surveillance services start at £250.00 for 5 hours surveillance.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking starts at £250.00 for the first week and then £100.00 each week thereafter on a very flexible basis.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are completely situation dependant and factors include length of deployment and the location of placement.

Contact Us Today

We can get the evidence you need ca.. us on 01332 498073.