Cheating Husband or Boyfriend?

Do You Suspect Your Husband Or Boyfriend Is Cheating?

There is nothing worse than being betrayed, lied to and having your time wasted. We can help you get the evidence you need to confront your cheating husband or boyfriend and catch them out.

We Can Get You the Truth You Deserve

If you are being cheated you deserve to know and have the facts.

The facts we can provide will be undisputable. We can get you photos and videos of your cheating husband or boyfriend in the act and we have done on hundreds of occasions across the UK.

How It Works

As soon as you make first contact with us, we are there to help and pass on advice to you. We’ll listen to your entire situation and help you come up with a plan of how to catch your cheating husband or boyfriend.

You are in control the whole time and we offer a no pressure service.

Why Choose Us?

We at Delta 74 Private Investigations have been perfecting our techniques in catching a cheating husband or boyfriend for years now and we know what works.

Our surveillance teams are all equipped with the best technology and training ready to go to work for you.

Transparency and honesty are our main values and have been from the start.
Rated as a Three Best Rated Business and members of various private investigator associations we have the knowledge and network available to help you.

Options Available To You


Our speciality is surveillance on cheating partners and we have carried out hundreds of investigations and thousands of hours watching situations unfold.

Vehicle Tracking

These are completely zero effort on your part. We do everything.

Once we fit a device on a cheating husband or boyfriends’ car all you need to do is sit back and watch where it goes and when. This can let you plan for the perfect time to carry out surveillance.

Hidden Cameras

These are a great way of slowly building a picture around a property you are suspicious of. We can install a hidden camera on public land to watch an area of interest to see who is visiting and how long for.

Hiring Delta 74 Private Investigations and the Cost


Surveillance services start at £250.00 for 5 hours surveillance.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking starts at £250.00 for the first week and then £100.00 each week thereafter on a very flexible basis.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are completely situation dependant and factors include length of deployment and the location of placement.

Contact Us Today

We can get the evidence you need call us on 01332 498073.
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