Cheating partner Investigations

For a private investigator one of the most common assignments we are given is that of a matrimonial investigation or a “cheating partner” investigation.

We totally understand that it is an extremely emotional time and how delicate the situation can be when you suspect your partner of cheating.  When you call us for our initial conversation we will listen to your thoughts and feelings, we can usually get all the details we need in order to begin an investigation from just one phone call with our team.

It is common that this is usually one of the first times our clients have opened up about what is going on and it can be quite an emotional phone call. We will always try to put you at ease, but it can be a good step to help solve the case.

Are The Signs There?

Have you become aware of some of the most common signs that your partner is cheating on you? 

Statistics show that cheating is equal among both men and women.


Is your partner away from home more often then usual? Are they staying late at work? Are they always going on nights out?


Has their appearance changed? Have they bought a range of new clothes? Have they been hitting the gym? Have they changed their hair?


Are they suspiciously defensive when you ask how their day has been or if they are feeling ok?


Do they seem distant and uninterested in conversation? Are you unable to talk to them as you once did?

Sex Life

Has your sex life with yoru partner changed? Whether you are having more or less sex then you usually would?


Trust your own instincts, do you feel something is wrong or not how it should be?


Are they being secretive with their mobile phone or tablet devices? Are they afraid you might find something?


Are they showing signs of feeling guilty? 

What can you Do About A Cheating Partner?

Your initial thoughts may be to go directly to Facebook or other social media websites and search for any possibilities from your partners profile.

This is a good start but we suggest you call us on 01332 498073 to begin your case towards getting the answers you need. We would always recommend using a professional and it is completely free to call us for an initial enquiry.

How we can help...

Action planning

After an initial enquiry we will come up with a plan that is best suited to your budget and the situation.

Searching for evidence

This could be either by using one of our specialist surveillance teams or deploying a hidden vehicle tracker on your spouse’s car. We do have other methods of course such as hidden cameras installed overlooking an area to gain that crucial evidence.

Find answers

Should we make any finds using any of those methods we can investigate further to get you more answers about what is really going on